A different class


by Joanne Harris (Transworld, €13.99)

Hurrah, another book for Chocolat loving readers. Based in St Oswald’s Grammar, which fans will recognise from Harris’ previous book, Latin teacher Roy Straitley tries to resist the march to the future. But inside the school, a shadow is stirring, a person who, even twenty years later, haunts his teacher’s dreams. Every bit as edgy and a bit scary as you’d expect from the haunting writings of Harris.


But when she was bad…


by Tammy Cohen (Transworld, €9.99)

I waited three months for the review copy to arrive at my desk – and it was worth it. Five colleagues have worked together for years; they know how they take their tea, whose love life is a shambles, who isn’t getting enough sleep. But their routine is shattered when an aggressive boss walks in, a boss who is all too ready to shake things up regardless of who it affects. Relationships are questioned as the lines between friend and colleague are massively blurred. I didn’t want this to end, it was bloody brilliant.

Local journalism

1 copy

PAPER CUTS by Colin Bateman (Head of Zeus, €14.99)

Having worked in a local newspaper at the beginning of my career, I knew that I would love Colin’s – and local man’s – latest read. Rob Cullen is back in Northern Ireland for the first time in 20 years for a funeral of his own time mentor. The Guardian reporter wants to get in and get out but that’s before a good night out and the promise of £1,500 for one day’s work. He’s lured to the Bangor Express offices but will he stay? Funny in parts and throwing a knowing eye on what life really is like in a local paper (and what it’s like to live in Northern Ireland in 2015), we can’t wait for another Bateman classic.